Social Commerce: Payment Gateways

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Social Commerce is a very significant part of online purchases,  but clearly raises many doubts when it comes to plan the type and security degree of a payment gateways from social networks. It must be admitted that there is still a fair way to go to consolidate Social Commerce, which is only taking its first steps. […]

Big Data, a Must for eCommerce Success

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Big Data has been and continues to be one of the hot keywords in technological business. But what sets Big Data apart from other buzzwords? Basically, the real need which already exists in the market and in particular the need which we are starting to glimpse in the near future. Big Data basically means processing […]

Customer Retention

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With the continuous appearance of new online businesses, having a clear customer retention policy becomes increasingly necessary if you want to increase and maintain a growth policy. These are some useful strategies to do so: The customer service is a constantly evolving process. Keep up to date as regards technology and your users’ tastes and concerns. […]

Social Commerce Success Stories: Learn from the Best

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Today we bring another post on Social Commerce, in which I will discuss success stories. Because it’s great to theorise and talk, but who actually puts things into practice? Well, here are some real-life examples. To write this post, I’ve carried out a prior analysis of niches and sectors, and social commerce works very well for impulse purchase […]

Mobile Commerce vs eCommerce & S-Commerce

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In previous chapters… just joking! In previous posts we have explained what mobile commerce is an how sales of this type have increased .Today we will go farther and compare all three: eCommerce, Mobile Commerce, and Social Commerce. All three of them are way of making a purchase which depend on platforms or devices. 3, 2, 1 … […]

eCommerce: the Perfect Purchase End

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In previous posts we examined the main pages that are usually found in an eCommerce websites: the home page, the category page, the shopping cart page, and the checkout page. This time we will examine the final page and the purchase confirmation and monitoring emails. Generally speaking, many of the criteria which we discussed when we spoke about […]

The Force of Smart eCommerce

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I am feeling a disturbance in the Force – yes, as in Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back. For months now, I have been reading news about the rise of eCommerce, even though we are supposed to be in the midst of a crisis. Everything grows, but is it growing in the right way? And, […]

eCommerce Usability: Examine Your Online Store

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There has recently been lots of talk about the growth of eCommerce in Spain: some attribute it to entrepreneurship, others to the crisis. However, I believe that it is due to the fact that we are experiencing a time of change. However, we still have a lot to learn from off which we should apply to on. In any […]

How Can I Apply Mobile Commerce to My Business?

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In our previous post we told you what mobile commerce was about. Today we will help you to decide how to apply it to your business or company. It’s easy: depending on your development, you have two options: Creating a native app for your business. Including responsive technology in your website. Native app We know […]