Mobile coupons market will reach $43 billion by 2016

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Juniper Research has just published its last report about the mobile coupons market, which represents the intersection of two very popular markets among consumers: discount coupons and mobile phones. The actual mobile coupon market is about $5.4 billion, and according to Juniper Research, it will increase to $43 billion by 2016, which means an eightfold […]

E-commerce Usability: Checkout

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There is much talk about usability and “user experience” in e-commerce, but they are always global concepts that can lead to ambiguities. Let’s focus today on some basic points about the process of “Checkout” of our shop: 1. Do not force the customer to register during the”checkout”. If he/she goes there, it is assumed he wants to finish the purchase. Anything not related to that is noise, and could make the customer to leave without paying. 2. Do not wait for the last step […]

6 Ways LinkedIn can Help in Lead Generation

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HubSpot has recently published an interesting free ebook on LinkedIn can help us in Lead Generation. This ebook explores some aspects we can use to improve our presence in the social network, making it a valuable resource for many business. Particularly, there is a section on the ebook focused on different ways to generate leads […]

Main Big Data Technologies: Hadoop

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In previous posts we talked about Big Data applications in different areas. As we said, even though, strictly speaking, the term “Big Data” refers to the size of a certain set of databases, in practice this term is used to refer both to databases and to analysis tools and even methodologies. Nowadays it is impossible […]