Shoppers prefer mobile web to apps

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Recently, Nielsen published a report where it’s shown that users prefer to access retailers mobile web to retailer’s apps. The survey was conducted by analyzing the activity of more than 5.000 users during 2011 holidays.
Aggregating the access to mobile web stores and specific retailer’s apps, almost 60% of the traffic went to the principal ecommerce websites: Amazon, Best Buy, eBay, Target and Walmart. Accoring to John Burbank, president of Strategic Iniciatives at Nielsen, “most smartphone usersused their devices to shop along that period. Mobile commerce has gained traction and will continue growing as the smartphones penetration follows its path”.
Some other interesting highlights revealed by Nielsen report:

  • Users accessing by mobile devices, not matter males or females, prefer mobile web to specific apps. Males tend to use specific apps more frecuently than females, and users accessing to eretailers by means of specific apps spend more time than those accessing by mobile webs.
  • Women prefer Target and Walmart, while men prefer to access Best Buy. Amazon and eBay are accessed by men and women in the same proportion.

According to Burbank, “retailers need to think in ther business as a multi-channel environment, that may include mobile stores, online stores and physical stores. We must work hard to offer consumers a unified and consistent experience across those channels, reinforcing the values we represent as brand, that could be price, service, reviews, selection, style, or any othe key attribute”.

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