12 Ideal WordPress Plugins for your ecommerce websites

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[Guest post by Abhishek Thakur from Codecondo]

Anyone who is seeking a platform to build a website to setup an online business/store, WordPress is the best and most popular solution. It is widely supported and easy for users to learn and work with. WordPress provides you a huge range of themes and plugins to select according to your taste and need of the business. Basically, these plugins are designed to make your selling process easier and automated.

WordPress plugins are designed to be simple and intuitive to use. And, also provided in the settings screens so that user can take any kind of help whenever needed. To choose a plugin which would fit completely into your business needs, there are certain things to keep in mind, like, that all the functionality it offers should be similar to your and your business’s need. For example, while choosing a plugin for e-commerce one should check if the plugin offers all e-commerce features (like, order management or integrated payment gateways etc.) and is easy to understand/use or not.

If you are looking for a most suitable e-commerce plugin for your website, we have made your job easier and form the vast varieties of the WordPress plugins, we bring you top 12 plugins for your ecommerce website.

1) WP e-Commerce


WP e-Commerce is one of the oldest and most popular e-commerce plugins offered by WordPress. It is a free shopping cart that is fully customizable and includes powerful features, like, Different Payment Gateways (PayPal, Google Wallet, Manual Payment, etc.), new products widget, single-page checkout, free shipping and multi-language support etc. The plugin has been downloaded over 2.5 million times.

2) WooCommerce


WooCommerce is also a free and fully functioned plugin for ecommerce that also offers a huge library of premium upgrades. It’s an easy to use WordPress plugin with many great features like complex coupon campaign, real time reports, dashboard, widgets, and different payment and shipping methods. Woothemes can be another most attractive feature offered by the plugin.



The free e-commerce WordPress plugin one of the most famous and most downloaded (half a million times) plugin in the domain. eShop is an easy to install and easy to use plugin that create product pages from WordPress pages. The most popular features offered by eShop are enabling customer to sign up to your website to purchase any product, download sales data and enables you to view basic stats and multiple product options etc.

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An easy to setup, install and run plugin for your e-commerce website. Jigoshop offers detailed and advance reporting, widget and shortcuts, multitude of product types, one page checkout and managed stocks etc. the plugin is built upon core WordPress functionality that provides a vast library for free extensions. Another reason to select this plugin for your e-commerce website can be its technical support and help provided through the community forums and a premium technical support available on the website.

5) Shopp


Shopp is a very popular e-commerce plugin that works with almost all the WordPress themes. It is not a free plugin and the single-site license is available at $55. Shopp is also built to work with all WordPress functionality and includes features like short codes, dashboard widgets to provide quick insights, coupon codes, order management, email notifications, and also, offers you a control over tax and shipping and integration with many payment gateways (like, PayPal).

6) Wpdeposit


It is a deposit system and a cool alternative of any other WordPress plugin. The plugin works best for the websites that seek a deposit system for advertisements or subscriptions. Wpdeposit enables you to set up accredit system same as the stock image marketplace, like, iStockPhoto. The exclusive features offered by the plugin are manual bank payment, guide to help creating and customizing the modules for your site and payment gateways (PayPal, Authorize.net and iDeal) etc.

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7) Ecwid


Ecwid is a free, fully features plugin that offers e-commerce for different content management software including WordPress. It is a user friendly, easy to use and setup plugin that is available for free to download and offers integration with social profiles. The mirror function is the feature that makes it stand out among the list where you would have one central dashboard to manage the carts on several websites.

There is a paid plan also available at $15 per month that includes features like volume discounts, discount codes, and inventory management.



The plugin is built specifically for selling digital products, hence, you would not be finding any extra features you do not require as digital product vendor. The main features provided by this plugin are cart system, user purchase history, payments gateways, discount codes, sales reports, file download log etc. It is also a free plugin with variety of extensions and themes available.

9) Cart66


If you have a website with several products and services Crt66 can be the best WordPress plugin for your website. The plugin is available in a free as well as in a professional version with different license options, where the free version includes all the core e-commerce features, like, order management, tax and shipping charges control, multiple currencies support, promotions, and customizable email reports etc. the plugin also provides the Amazon S3 integration for all your digital products.

Cart66 added few more features (in the professional version) that make it more interesting, for example, recurring payments and membership access. The professional version also integrate with Gravity Forms plugin.

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10) iThemes Exchange


If you are looking for a simple yet effective plugin iThemes Exchange is the best choice for you. It offers Stripe and PayPal as the payment gateway option where Stripe is used as the primary gateway. The add-on makes viewing experience straight forward by letting you see only what is required.

11) WP Auctions


If you are looking for a plugin to help you in auctioning items on your website, WP Action would be the best solution among all the WordPress plugins for e-commerce. The plugin offers 3 bidding engines with registered only and reserve price features, and also have a pro and pro plus plugin option.

12) PayPal Payment Terminal for WordPress


A plugin fully dedicated to the payment transactions of your website. PayPal payment terminal provides a powerful integration with PayPal payment gateway that enables you to view all the transaction details, purchaser automated notifications throughout the process of purchasing etc.

All these e-commerce are the plugins which would give you the best experience for your website. Either it is a website focused on the digital products or it is made for artists, you have all kind of options here to select your kind of plugin that would suit your business and help you bring out the best of your website.

Hope this information was helpful for you, if you have any more suggestion to add in the list please feel free to comment below.

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  2. I have been using SEO plugin by yoast it’s really awesome. It is very flexible, I love using SEO by yoast.

    Thanks for sharing with us your wonderful article regarding this SEO plugins.

    But can I use multiple SEO plugins? Will there be any bad effect in my SEO?

  3. thank you for sharing this informative piece of work. I have been using yoast plugin since last few years. The plugin is simple, yet covers all the essential features required to optimize the blog for search results.

  4. The list is an outstanding. WordPress plugins can make your job much easier and efficient. But, it would be very challenging to choose the right WordPress plugins for your website as so many options. So, this list can be very helpful to choose the best WordPress plugins for e commerce websites.

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