SEO Modules for E-Commerce (IV). Drupal

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We have already seen other types of E-Commerce Open Source. Today we will continue to take a look at modules, or rather – as this is Drupal – extensions that help to improve the SEO of your online store. Drupal is a platform that was very warmly welcome in recent years, but with the rise of Magento and Prestashop it seems […]

2014 Digital Trends

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After spending a few days in a stand in the Omexpo trade fair in Madrid, you realise that some digital trends are on the rise and others are on the way out. Which makes you think, in your scarce moments of peace and quiet, about what’s really going on in the digital sector. Of course, I have no […]

What is Social Commerce?

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Social Commerce is a subcategory of e-commerce which uses social networks, social feedback, and user contributions to improve the online shopping experience. This mode of commerce has also become an increasingly popular solution to monetise online marketing, especially in the great debate on ROI in the Social Media, and of course for the sale of products and services. Shopping has always been a social, […]

The Importance of Segmentation in Marketing Campaigns

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Market segmentation is a concept that anyone who works in marketing should be clear about. However, when we examine how online stores work, it seems that the concept of segmentation has not been absorbed when it comes to carry out marketing actions, either via email or in other channels. To realise this, just subscribe to the newsletter for any online […]

SEO Modules for E-Commerce (III). Magento

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As we already saw for other types of e-commerce Open Source, today we will continue to take a look at modules, or rather, in the case of Magento, extensions to improve the SEO of your online store. Even though I think that Magento’s back office is less intuitive than Prestashop or other platforms, I must acknowledge that it has a […]

Which Social Networks Are Most Useful in eCommerce?

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Communities expand through networks, as does the possibility of reaching more customers by offering products that might interest them. But increasing the number of active users is absolutely useless if you don’t know how to use social networks as a means to sell products, and in which cases.  In any case, you should know that this 2.0 strategy won’t […]

SEO Modules for eCommerce (II). Prestashop

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Continuing with our series of posts on SEO for eCommerce, today we will be focusing on one of the most popular platforms together with Magento: Prestashop, which is very widely used in the development of online stores in Spain. As always, when I talk about stores with few products, I refer to a range of between 500 and 2000 products. […]

Providing Excellent Online Customer Service for Ecommerce #infographic

wrote this on There are no comments has just released an infographic about how to provide customer service for Ecommerce, including some interesting statistics about this topic: 90% of customers expect to receive a consistent experience over multiple customer contact channels 78% of customers believe that social media will be the next tier of customer service 46% of online customers expect brands […]

Social Commerce Platforms and Applications

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We couldn’t miss the opportunity to tell you about Social Commerce tools and applications. We will tell you how to use the Spanish platform called Social Buy to help your store in a simple, quick way. We’ve always said that Social Commerce is great when you already have a long-running online store, because I really believe that social commerce is […]

Differences between Social Commerce and eCommerce

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We continue with the series of social commerce posts. Today we will look at the differences between social commerce and eCommerce (or electronic commerce). We will establish various parameters which you can apply to your business model in an effective way. Find the seven differences between social commerce and eCommerce Where to buy? Whereas in eCommerce interactions are […]