How to Create an Effective Landing Page of Your Ecommerce Website?

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[Guest post by Rochelle Ceira]

You have the best and reasonably priced products from the market on your ecommerce store, but yet you don’t witness great sales figure. What is the problem? The problem must be in your ecommerce landing page design.

As a buyer I will never indulge in an activity on an ecommerce store if its landing page is boring or does not provide desired information in one go! I will simply scroll from top to bottom and then move to next website.

An ecommerce site’s landing page undoubtedly leaves an ever lasting impression on potential customers.

Thus, if the landing page of your ecommerce store is ineffective, then it might not compel your potential customers to make a purchase or take any other significant, step further.

Remember that your ecommerce website’s landing page should deliver a clear message to the visitors.

It should also provide information that ultimately engages them with the products and converts them into potential leads and then customer.

The conversion behaviors on your ecommerce site could either be a product purchase or sign-up for a discount coupon or monthly newsletter.

Also, effective ecommerce website’s landing pages are used to increase return on social media campaigns, paid ads, email newsletters and even for organic search.

If you don’t know what it takes to create an effective landing page for your ecommerce website, then read on to know about it:

1. Keep the Design and Content Clear, Concise and Organized

From a user’s perspective I would say that a properly structured landing page with significant information is essential to develop interest of a visitor.

Though you might want to load all essential details on the landing page and just add up too much information with flashy designs and vibrant colors.

But, as a matter of fact you should avoid this practice. Keep it simple and provide to the point information.

Have a look at the following format to get an idea on how and what to include on your ecommerce website landing page:

Structure of a landing page

Image Courtesy: Word Stream

Here is an example from a real world ecommerce store.

You must have heard about Reed & Barton, which is a top-notch household goods provider, operating since 1824. Its ecommerce store is famous for being the most appropriate, design and content wise.

Have a look at the screenshot of its landing page below:

Reed Barton Landing Page

Image Courtesy: Wishpond

  • You should mention about your unique selling point (USP), prominently, on your ecommerce website’s landing page.

Like Reed & Barton’s USP is “A modern approach to home in philosophy as much as style” for their potential customers.

Their USP reflects that they are actually addressing the visitors individually, targeting their needs and demands. You should also try to follow this trend.

  • Add clear and attractive pictures of your best selling products. Like Reed & Barton has posted 4 pictures of their different products.

This practice is highly effective to attract potential customers through your landing pages.

  • Use color schemes according to your products and target audience. Like Reed & Barton has chosen blue, grey and white that are representing sophistication and quality.

For environment friendly products store, you can combine green and beige, for kids’ products and entertainment related products: purple, orange and blue are considered ideal.

Color schemes play an essential role in communicating your brand’s voice.

  • Add a strong call to action (CTA) on your landing page, like Reed & Barton has added a loud one i.e. Checkout, highlighted with orange background. Use a color scheme that appropriately highlights your CTA.

CTAs significantly maximize your conversion rates.

  • Don’t over burden your landing page with loads of pictures. Just use 3-4 images to give it a decent and well-structured look.

2. Make your Ecommerce Website Landing Page Mobile Compatible

At present, a large number of people perform various activities through their Smartphones and Tablets.

Even I and my family members use our phones for online shopping, to read reviews, browse through social channels and do a lot more.

It is therefore, very much necessary today that you make a mobile-friendly landing page.

A mobile friendly landing page will maximize the chances of conversion two times on your ecommerce store.

Easy navigation on your landing page will convince users to take a step further on your ecommerce store. They will either take interest to sign up or make a hassle-free purchase.

3. Attract and Retain Potential Customers within Seconds

You only have approximately 8 to 10 seconds to make an impression on your potential customers.

This is your maximum time to capture the potential customers, retain them and divert them to your ecommerce website.

If your landing page failed to grab their attention, they will for sure move to the next ecommerce website.

You can effectively utilize 8 to 10 seconds to convert a lead. Clearly let visitors know about your offered products and how it solves their problems.

Briefly highlight your competitive edge over others i.e. how you are distinct from your competitors.

For example, if you are one of many online stores selling T-shirts, then make sure you have a convincing tag line that may persuade visitors to opt you among others.

You can either give a special offer, discount coupon, 24/7 customer support service, free shipping, exchange offer and etc.

4. Call to Action

You can create a better persuasive landing page for your ecommerce website by including some kind of call to action (CTA).

CTAs usually provoke visitors to perform an action.

CTAs completely depend on the business owners’ requirements. If you want to collect information about visitors or potential customers, then you can ask them to sign up with their details.

You can simply ask for their email address as a sign up, along with an offer and then you can send them news, promotional offers and newsletters on their provided email id in future.

Add a ‘Learn More’ button or phrase that will direct your customers to read about you, your products or direct to a short introductory video of your business.

Have a look at the following two examples:

Example 1:

Kit Kat

You can see two CTAs on this page. One is ‘Watch Video’ and the other option is to ‘Share’.

If the user had a great experience on your page he will definitely share it with others, so providing this CTA is a smart move by Kit Kat.

In the second CTA, visitors are compelled to look into the future by providing them an option to watch a relevant video.

Kit Kat Landing Page

Following options appear when you click on the Share option:

Kit Kat CTA

Example 2:

Whipping Post

Whipping Post always comes up with a simple and yet compelling landing page. You can see its current landing page Call to Action in the below screenshot:

Whipping Post

Creating an attractive landing page for your Ecommerce website seems easy, but yet it has very detailing involved. Hope the above discussed guide, along with relevant examples, might help you to understand and incorporate the significant points in your ecommerce store’s landing page.

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