On-Page Actions to Improve Your Online Store SEO

Today we will be getting a bit technical: we will be describing some key factors which you should take into account if you want to improve the indexability of your online store by means of its SEO. You shouldn’t leave making your online store properly indexed to chance. Although it’s true that l robot.txt can be a pain in the neck sometimes, I think that tracking should be high-quality and transparent. Of course, you should review your URLs and make your that duplicated contents are not indexed as we will explain later on. But now we will review the key factors, or rather the key actions that you should bear in mind for the on-page actions in your eCommerce store:

The website map

Reviewing the website map generated by your online store and comparing it with what is being recorded by the Google Webmastertool is crucial. You should also review the URLs of the landing pages with the most visits, which can be easily seen on Google Analytics. Your online store xml file should be debugged in some way, otherwise you should implement meta robots that help you to highlight the head for your webpage.

Sitemap Webmaster Tools

HTML head

I recommend that you take a look at them before installing an SEO plugin if you use a Magento platform. They can be tremendously useful. Optimize them by means of keywords which you have previously selected.

Magento HTML Head

Optimize URLs

This is a good trick: if the URLs of the main categories have not yet been indexed, index them in such a way that they can attract more traffic. Here’s a silly example: www.myonlineperfume.com/womens-perfume. However, you should make sure that it is not indexed, otherwise when the URL is changed you will get a 404 error and you will have to do a 301 redirect to the new URL. Which can be a lot of work if you have an extensive catalog.

Meta Labels

My recommendation is that you fill in the main categories and subcategories, where the bulk of your business is found. Complete them in an optimized way, bearing the key words always in mind. Closely related to the previous point, optimized URLs should be consistent in terms of communication. In Prestashop you get the option of easily rewriting URLs.

Prestashop Metatags

Interlinks and taking care of the Anchor Text

Finally but no less important, there is the creation of links, which should be consistent in your online store and in the products or categories chosen for your SEO strategy. A good trick: the link alt should have a subject+verb+predicate structure. Google dislikes overoptimization, so you should also take care of the anchor text, which should be consistent with what is being linked to. And please, please, please don’t start linking like crazy, because our friend Google Sheriff Penguin hates that too.

Penguin5 AnchorText

I hope that you have found these tips useful. We will soon be talking about SEO Off-Page actions for your online store, linkbuilding and linkbaiting the right way.

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