Personal Finance Interview with José Carlos Cortizo Pérez on eCommerce for

Today, we are so proud. Because we have an interesting interview to We have the interesting point of view about our CMO Jose Carlos Cortizo. Click in this link and read more.

  • When he was a teenager José Carlos Cortizo Pérez loved buying music at a small shop near his house.
  • “I loved that, as soon as I entered the store, Jose, the store manager, started to choose music and tried in the stereo,” he says. “I always spent all my savings in that store, because the shopping experience and the personal touch made me feel comfortable and special.”
  • The chief marketing officer of BrainSINs, a leading provider of ecommerce personalization solutions, says that online retailers need to replicate the kind of unique shopping experiences he enjoyed at that record store, because if customers feel they are special they are more likely to buy from that store.


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