To SEO or Not To SEO in eCommerce, That Is the Question!

Customers often ask me if SEO is crucial in eCommerce, and I almost always give the same answer: it depends on the business at which your business is. Many understand this, but others make me sigh and want to stab myself with a fork. The fact is that having twice as much traffic does not mean having a conversion rate that is twice as high. This is the basis of the online business model. We never said it was going to be easy.

To SEO or not to SEO in my eCommerce store?

So, instead of giving you tips, I bring you some views via video so that you come into contact with different approached and draw your own conclusions.

Show me The Money video

Understanding SEO for my eCommerce store

SEO is a matter of techniques and creativity

If after these videos you are still lost – Houston, we have a problem. The main point if this: when you launch your online store you will need traffic. Without traffic, your business won’t take off. All the rest comes later.

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