US ECommerce Landscape & Trends

Josh Yang, from Harvard Business School, just published a slide set about the actual eCommerce landscape and trends, that summarizes the actual state of eCommerce in USA. This interesting report points out some interesting numbers:

  • The actual US eCommerce market size is big (more than $200B), but it only accounts for 9% of the total retail industry.
  • In the last year, several new eCommerce business model have emerged (group buying, subscription, C2C marketplaces, etc.), giving up room for startups to succeed.
  • Mobile eCommerce is becoming very important, but the experience is still in early stages, so in the next year we will see a lot of companies pushing in that market segment.
  • Although the proliferation and consolidation of social network in the last few years have opened several opportunities, social shopping has yet to be cracked.

You can find more detailed information in the document uploaded by Josh Yang to slideshare

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