What’s a Pop-Up Store?

It’s the new retail concept which is all the rage now. It’s all about fast consumption, which were are increasingly becoming used to. Imagine a different location to sale your products and services. A store that will vanish the next day and ideal locations for your kind of product, with a highly select target. Pop-up retail is all about this.

The new consumption habits

Stores that are here today and gone tomorrow: it’s the fashion in the US and Britain, and it’s breaking all barriers. We have already seen some Spanish companies that provide this kind of service. Perhaps consumers are feeling overwhelmed by the spam from all the products available. The way to force us to buy is doing it differently. And this is one way to do so: contracting this kind of service. Perhaps this is the future of retail, or at least one of the faces of the future.

I have some questions, though:

– Are new business models that bring the on and off channels together created because that’s the best answer?
– Is this kind of initiative the salvation of branding?
– Or is it the salvation of retail?

Here’s a couple of videos about pop-up stores in Europe: stores set up in a music festival, for example, by such famous brands as H&M.


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