Recommendation System Configuration

In this section you’ll discover how to configure and tune our recommendation system to get the best possible results in your online store. We remember you that, in order to be able to configure our recommendation system, you should have:

Configure Look&Feel

Once the catalog has been loaded, and the monitoring process for the different pages of the website has begun, all that’s left to do is add recommenders.

Creating a Recommendation Strategy

Recommenders are always created and configured from the BrainSINS web client area in the section Optimization → Recommender List.
All you need to do to create a recommender is press the “Add recommender” button, which launches an assistant that guides you through the creation process.

When creating a recommender, you need to choose the type of webpage into which it shall be placed:

  • Homepage
  • Product page
  • Shopping cart page (or shopping basket)
  • Checkout page.

You will then need to make different selections that will define the recommender, such as whether to include user personalization, and whether you wish to apply filters (recent visits, new products, whish list content, best-selling products, etc.), among other things.

Recommendation Wizard

Defining the look&feel of the recommender

Once the recommender has been created, the style editor shall launch automatically. This enables you to define the visual aspect for the recommendations offered by this recommender. The style editor creates a widget (a small window that integrates with the selected page) that contains the suggestions. This editor allows you to select from several different aspects:

  • Orientation (horizontal or vertical)
  • Number of articles to be shown
  • Widget color (background, body, border, etc.)
  • Whether you wish to display the price or not
  • etc.

This style may be modified at any time from the menu Optimization → Recommenders List, by clicking on the button “Style” for the recommender in question.

In any case, the administrator may also modify the aspect of the widget by recoding the feature in charge of drawing it achieving more freedom for the configuration of the visual aspect.


Our WYSIWYG Editor helps you to create in a few clicks a standard look&feel for your recommendations.

Advanced Editor

Our Advanced Editor allows you to create any look&feel for your recommendations. If you have knowledge about HTML and CSS, you’ll love this editor.

Recommendations WYSIWYG Editor
Recommendations Advanced Look&Feel Editor